Dev Partner technology company providing key digital services.
Focused on helping our clients to build a successful business on web and cloud.


Improve the usability and adoption of your eCommerce/CMS/SharePoint system with our user-experience and design services


Extend the scope and functionality of your eCommerce/CMS/SharePoint with our development services.


Guarantee the uptime of your eCommerce/CMS/SharePoint with proactive and reactive support services.


We founded in 2006 in Moscow, Russia. Our main focus since then is system integration, managed services and software development.

  • We use what we offer! We migrated our own infrastructure to Azure/Sitecore/Umbraco/nopCommerce and successfully use it since 2013
  • Microsoft awarded us SMB Partner of the Year award. We are members of the Cloud Accelerate, Cloud Champion, Cloud Deployment programs. We are Windows Azure Circle Partner
  • Highest level of collaboration with Microsoft and deep understanding of their platform, solutions and services allow us to solve the most difficult problems fast
  • Customer-centric and flexible approach helps keep our customers happy in any situation

Web Design40%


CMS(Sitecore, Umbraco, DotNetNuke)90%

Cloud (Office365, Azure)90%

Ecommerce (nopCommerce)100%

SEO Optmization80%


Coffee's Drunk


Working Hours


Happy Clients




Meet our crack squad of savvy motivated personnel, all ambitious and in love with the web and cloud.
We craft beautiful products for startups, global brands and everything in-between.

Konstantin Ivinsky - Founder -

An 12 year survivor of the development industry, Konstantin is the Founder of Dev Partner as well as the strategy lead on all projects.

Dmitry Gorbachev - Creative Director -

Creative Director with 10 years experience in the industry. Inspired and motivated on a daily basis to help brands grow.

Denis Kurdesov - Web Developer -

Denis by bold creative thinking, I'm a Jack of all trades, moving from one project to the next passionately enjoying every individual aspect.

Leonid Radkevich - Developer -

Leonid is software developer, who specializes on nopCommerce projects, mostly BackEnd part. His skills help company's clients to achieve various business aims through process automation. He has solid knowledge in ASP.NET MVC and FrontEnd languages and frameworks (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJs, etc.)