Product Description

Portfolio App is designed to display samples of projects, photographs, which give an idea of the services offered by the organization. All data about the projects contains the Sharepoint lists. This APP allows a detailed view of the data and filtering of projects.
Services Provider:

  • HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery Development
  • C# & ASP.NET MVC 4 Development App
  • Bootstrap

Product Details

  • Client: 1st Service Company
  • Date: October 2013
  • Website:

Latest Works

SharePoint 2013 Forum

YAF Forum integration module for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 was implemented.

Sharepoint Advance Tasks

The company needed to streamline management of its brand websites to improve marketing and reduce costs. Terra Auri selected Microsoft SharePoint 2013 for Internet Sites as the foundation for a global web content management system.

Office 365 deactivate users

The super administrator can disable all users who is a member of Office 365 tenant by using this application. The application is a web page which has a button for disabling or allowing users. A user must log in to Office 365. If authorized user is a member of Office 365 tenant and he is a member of special security group then he will be able to disable all users. Only a super user can allow users. Nobody can disable the super user. He can only allow users. The application uses Azure Active Directory Graph for working with Office 365. The application is deployed to Azure and is dublicated to different data centers for accessibility.

What Client’s Say