Dev Partner to assist Cylogy with the back-end website development for Landmark worldwide. Landmark worldwide recently redeveloped their online presence on Sitecore platform.

The challenge was to design definitions and develop code, system configuration, etc. that can be extended and be easy to modify.


Data Layer

Dev Partner has used Glass Framework in this project

We serialize templates items and generate Sitecore domain model with Sitecore.CodeGenerator.dll and T4 templates. You will find detailed description here -

We override some basing mapping(for string(LandmarkSitecoreFieldStringHandler) and link(LandmarkSitecoreFieldLinkHandler) to implement ReplacementUtilities.PerformWordReplacements) and specify a new one(LandmarkLinkHandler to show Article Title as a text of the link) here - \Landmark\Landmark.Web\App_Start\GlassMapperScCustom.cs

Presentation Layer

We used Sitecore.NVelocity to implement templates for CircleLinkList, FeatureBlock and FeatureBlock components -


The architecture of the solution is simple and can be extended in a few steps.

We implemented more then 50 sublayouts and controls.


Developer can add a new template(or field), serialize it and generate a strongly-typed data model by using T4 templates.

Content editor can use different html layouts(based on NVelocity) for one controls.

Product Details

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