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Companies that are interested in Office 365 have an opportunity to take part in Introductory demonstration showing all the Office 365 possibilities.

There are a lot of companies interested in Office 365’s benefits and simplicity but still afraid to move to the cloud and rather prefer to use “wait and see” approach. Our offer to such companies is a Design project for Office 365 that will result in a set of documents describing the whole process of migration or implementation for one unique company. We take into account all details to generate really personal action plan that will provide maximum ROI for the customer. We use our experience in previous implementations and offer the most efficient methodics of deployment and migration.

IT Partner offers Pilot Implementation within Start Service Program for limited group of employees of the company. This step is usually taken when the companies want to test the efficiency of Office 365. Usually in a 3-day project our specialists in collaboration with client’s IT-department deploy a pilot environment, provide on-site training for IT-specialists and employees and perform migration of sample data to the cloud. As a result the pilot group members will be able to provide valuable feedback to company’s decision makers about the quality, convenience, reliability and security of Office 365 offering.

Finally, IT Partner offers 3 packaged services for those companies that are ready to deploy Office 365 and migrate their data:

  1. Consulting only service – we will provide the technical aid during Office 365 deployment and migration.
  2. Consulting and Deployment. This is a fully complete solution for small and medium businesses. Usually, we start on Friday and on Monday the customer is completely moved to Office 365 environment.
  3. Deployment plus education. We are not only plan and deploy Office 365, but also provide the training for client’s employees t make sure they will work efficiently and use most of modern technologies’ features.

Also after we sell Office 365 seats and/or our services we doesn’t leave the client alone, but always ready to provide assistance, usually being the first line of support before Microsoft’s engineers.


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