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Benefits of SharePoint Development Services


Advantages of SharePoint Development Services

Get a Competitive Edge with SharePoint development services From time to time a business demand is so unusual that “off the shelf” SharePoint functionality can’t guarantee a resolution.

Using the .NET framework, our SharePoint developers can tailor unique functionality to satisfy your special business demands.

Your IT team won’t need any other system to run, as it is built on top of the SharePoint platform.

Maximize Investments with SharePoint development services

The number of disparate applications is increasing. Through integration, our SharePoint developers can link the systems with SharePoint to transmit and process data from the whole organization.

This integrated data view contributes to easier decision making and to a toilless change of organization data. Development Services – Planning Requirements Gathering Define actual user and stakeholders demands for custom functionality.

Proof of Concepts Sample functionality of your custom solution before you start time-consuming build and design.

Development Modeling Visualize the basic processes and logic of a custom solution before you write code.

Database Design Guarantee a solid platform to host the data using your custom SharePoint solution.

Design Services

Typical SharePoint Development Engagements


SharePoint Web Part Development

When “off the shelf” functionality can’t satisfy your unique business demands, you may decide in favor of custom development on top of SharePoint. This could be in the form of a SharePoint App , a SharePoint Application Page or a Custom SharePoint Web Part.

If the custom functionality requires to be displayed on numerous pages and designed to meet individual user preferences and settings, you may decide to build a Custom SharePoint Web Part.

SharePoint Application Page Development

SharePoint Apps are potentially much wider in scale and sphere than individual web pages or parts. Though a simple SharePoint App can work just as a single Custom Web Part or Web Page, a more complicated SharePoint App can ensure the functionality of a Line of Business Application.

Besides, a SharePoint App can be packed and unfolded in an organization's 'App Catalogue' for users to access it just like they would from an 'App Store'.

Line of Business Application Integration with SharePoint

Data silo in Line of Business Applications can cause some difficulties. Data is often impermanent and must be entered by hand, system by system.

Using custom development, Business Connectivity Services or BizTalk, our SharePoint developers can link third party Line of Business Applications to your SharePoint solution to ensure automatic synchronization and an integrated data view.


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