nopCommerce Azure Blob Storage plugin

Project Description


Zee3DCompany company operates an intermediation platform allowing downloading 3D printable models posted by their creators (designers).
In database, each model is represented by a STL file weighing several tens of Mo (maximum 100 Mo).
This unitary weight wasn't a problem, but SQL Azure quickly became inefficient (in term of speed and price)
The implementaion based on nopCommerce 3.0 (hosting on Azure) integrate and complement nopCommerce functionally.
The implementation of the Azure Blob Storage plugin eliminates this issue.

Technical description

The implementaion based on nopCommerce 3.0 (hosting on Azure) integrates and complements nopCommerce functionally.
To ensure overall sustainability, it complies with the extension architecture (plug-in) proposed by the platform and is designed as a nopCommerce plug-in.
Specifically, the requested development overloads the IDownloadService service.
Source comments are in English.

Functional description

NopCommerce proposes downloadable files by two ways:

  • Streams managed by the platform and stored in its database;
  • URL redirection.

The second method is too insecure for Zee3DCompany needs (just intercept the redirect URL allows limitless downloading).
The objective of this development was to replace the functions exposed by the IDownloadService interface so that the contents are stored as Azure blobs.
The installation of the plugin permit the upload, the download and the deletion of a "downloadable" product stored compressed in the Azure Blog Storage.

Administrative interfaces

The configuration page of the plug-in lets specify:

  • The Azure Blog Storage connection string
  • The Azure Blog Storage account
  • The Azure Blog Storage container

Project Details


July 2013

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