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Mark's website

Mark's is USA most knowledgeable team of Plumbing Parts with 30 years experience and more than 1 million products online.


nopCommerce B2B Kramer website

Kramer Electronics Russia. Professional switching equipment for the AV market. Online catalog and B2B platform.

Solr, NopCommerce

nopCommerce new xDalys website

New website for one of the largest new and used automotive parts supply in Lithuania


nopCommerce Dynamic SL plugin

Southern Cross Ceramics is an Australian-made and owned company. They design and manufacture an extensive range of tiles in our Melbourne plant. They use Microsoft stack of technologies and asked us to implement nopCommerce - Dynamic SL Bidge for them


nopCommerce SNK-S website

Online catalog and B2B platform. Over 16,000 items. More than 25 directions. Deliveries directly from manufacturers and official representatives.

Solr, NopCommerce

nopCommerce Datgel website

Datgel has been providing specialist software, advice, training and support to geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering firms worldwide for more than 11 years.

Azure, NopCommerce

nopCommerce xDalys website

xDalys.lt is the largest used car parts, motorcycles parts and other vehicles parts supply in Lithuania. All products on their e-shop are genuine parts sold from Lithuanian, Polish, Russian and many other suppliers. Parts are being gathered from all over the Europe and shipped worldwide from their warehouse in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Solr, NopCommerce

Landmark website

We have been involved in the development of Sitecore project for Landmark. Landmark is an international personal and professional growth, training and development company.


Agthia Website

Our team created a visually rich and easy-to-navigate website using DNN tools and modules. We have developed brand section to better propose their brands.


nopCommerce Industrial Spares website

Industrial Spares is a company that sells and repairs millions of machinery parts. The implementation based on nopCommerce 3.5 (hosted on Azure) with specific modifications allowed us to fulfill customer needs in data and content management, unique user interface features and good performance.

Solr, NopCommerce

Paid Vendor Listing plugin

Nutshell is a company, which represents a local on-line advertisements service. They have chosen nopCommerce platform for their business and required some custom changes to it.

nopCommerce SamlerIT website

Fully responsive nopCommerce site for electronic devices


Msherib Mobile Website

We have developed several DNN modules and a skin for mobile devices


Elo website

We built a dynamic web application that allows users to buy elo devices , register, manage their elo devices and upload sleep tracks to their devices. The application is based on .net technologies, runs on nopCommerce ecommerce system.


FastTest Website

We have developed the FasTest product selector page, distribution plugin and Amazing Slider. FasTest product selector is a simple guide to assist new users in finding one or more product options to meet their application needs.


JemTechnical Website

We have implement ecommerce website based on Nopcommerce and content management solutions (CMS) site based on Umbraco.

NopCommerce, Umbraco

Sharepoint & Active directory & Outlook Solution

The super administrator can disable all users who is a member of Office 365 tenant by using this application. The application is a web page which has a button for disabling or allowing users. A user must log in to Office 365. If authorized user is a member of Office 365 tenant and he is a member of special security group then he will be able to disable all users. Only a super user can allow users. Nobody can disable the super user. He can only allow users. The application uses Azure Active Directory Graph for working with Office 365. The application is deployed to Azure and is dublicated to different data centers for accessibility.

Azure, SharePoint

SharePoint 2013 Forum

YAF Forum integration module for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 was implemented.


Sharepoint Advance Tasks

The company needed to streamline management of its brand websites to improve marketing and reduce costs. Terra Auri selected Microsoft SharePoint 2013 for Internet Sites as the foundation for a global web content management system.


Heinz website

With 27 sites in >13 languages, managing and securing content distribution was a challenge for this global company. Find out how Dev Partner leveraged Sitecore’s Analytic and many other great Sitecore features.


Dev-partner.biz website

Dev Partner has develop Sitecore/Umbraco based website to increase sales volume while also generating leads. The website is incredibly responsive, with a refreshingly clean design and it has some awesome features, panorama sliders, fancybox, isotope, infinite scroll, google maps, facebook open graph and many more!

SiteCore, NopCommerce, Umbraco

RFG Website

We have developed content modules, design and the respsive skin.


Azure Blob Storage plugin

nopCommerce proposes downloadable files by two ways: 1.Streams managed by the platform and stored in its database; 2. URL redirection. The second method is too insecure for Zee3DCompany needs (just intercept the redirect URL allows limitless downloading). The objective of this development was to replace the functions exposed by the IDownloadService interface so that the contents are stored as Azure blobs. The installation of the plugin permit the upload, the download and the deletion of a "downloadable" product stored compressed in the Azure Blog Storage.

Azure, NopCommerce

Collection Plugin

Zee3DCompany company operates an intermediation platform allowing downloading 3D printable models posted by their creators (designers) Downloads can be free, shareware or paid (with or without DRM). This plugin implements the interfaces which adds a collection tool in a multilingual environment, to allow users to collect products


Downloadable Products Management Plugin

Zee3DCompany company operates an intermediation platform allowing downloading 3D printable models posted by their creators (designers) Downloads can be free, shareware or paid. This plugin implements the interfaces which proposes to the designers to edit and specifies how files should be managed.


Edost.ru Plugin

This nop Plugin supports the edost.ru service for calculation of the goods shipping price. This plugin calculate automaticaly the shipping price for several transport companies and courier services(about 12), including the mail of Russia, EMS, SDEK, AutoTrading, ZHeldDorErspeditsiya etc.


ERP Integration Plugin

This plugin integrates nopCommerce with ERP system


Follow Plugin

Zoombai company operates an intermediation platform allowing downloading 3D printable models posted by their creators (designers). Downloads can be free, shareware, payable (with or without DRM). To keep users informed about uploads carried by designers that interest them, they wanted to develop a similar service as the one for social networks ("Followers").


Genata2 Website

Dev Partner upgraded nopCommerce from version 1.9. to 3.0, developed several plugins and a new special designed responsive theme for Genata Ltd based on Bootstrap framework. The site looks much beter and can be open from any type of device (iPhone, iPad, desktop). The page changes according the size of the windows.

Azure, NopCommerce

Inappropriate content plugin

Zee3DCompany company operates an intermediation platform allowing downloading 3D printable models posted by their creators (designers). Despite moderation measures put in place, some inappropriate content, offensive or deemed as such, may be published without our knowledge. To facilitate reporting, they wanted to develop an extension that allows users to report inappropriate content by filling out a complaint form.


Postcode Shipping Plugin

This plugin has the possibility to setup postal codes which are not eligible for shipping from the store. Also, when the client registers in the store, the plugin checks postal code and verify if his postal code is eligible for shipping. If it is not, it displays a message informing the user, but without blocking the client to register (since he can buy and ship to a different address). Also the plugin calculates the shipping prices based on the customer postal code.


Product Page Enhancement Plugin

Out of the box, nopCommerce can handle downloads of digital products. Zee3dCompany wanted to allow the downloading of several types of downloadable products base on their tariff modality (free / shareware / paid). These tariff modalities is embodied by variants with predefined names. They wanted development consists to enhance the public product page depending on theses tariff modality.


ProductReview plugin

Zee3DCompany wanted to allow: 1. Reading, scoring and writing comments at the bottom of each product page (unless otherwise indicated in the product’s administration page). 2. Report of inappropriate comments


SakhFisher Website

Dev Partner upgraded nopCommerce from version 1.9. to 3.1 and develop a new special designed responsive theme for SakhFisher Ltd based on Bootstrap framework. The site looks much beter and can be open from any type of device (iPhone, iPad, desktop). The page changes according the size of the windows.

Azure, NopCommerce

TerritoryCountry Affiliate Management Plugin

The standard NopCommerce functionality is: Once a customer is assigned an affiliate ID, every order he places is also tagged with that ID. The TerritoryCountry Affiliate plugin changes standard functionality and taggs every order with Affiliate ID which the system finds in the Affiliates table based on Shipping Address TerrytoryCountry info.


SharePoint Portfolio App

Portfolio App is designed to display samples of projects, photographs, which give an idea of the services offered by the organization. All data about the projects contains the Sharepoint lists. This APP allows a detailed view of the data and filtering of projects.


Office 365 Website

The main goal of the site is to provide all the necessary information on the "cloud" services for a Microsoft business user conveniently. By saying "necessary information" we actually mean a lot of promotional materials, articles, case studies and descriptions of the services of the company. In addition, it is important to have an available private office for a user, and also service costing implementation and other necessary resources.


Stanley Steemer Website

Stanley Steemer is a US-based company that provides carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning and air duct cleaning. The company also does water damage restoration and sells a line of cleaning products for home and office use. It was founded in 1947 and is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio. The company has over 300 corporate-owned and franchised locations in 48 states.


GeNaTa Website

Genata Ltd turned to Dev Partner to develop a user-friendly online presence that would present thousands of products. Proposed by Dev Partner's ecommerce platform is the main component to Genata Ltd online success. Dev Partner also added features such as a special designed theme, an image gallery and a sub-menu plugins. Genata Ltd has been successful since the launch of the site. After two years of starting web-site Genata Ltd became the biggest supplier of Cleaning products, Personal care products, Foodstuff and etc. in the Poland.


Skolkovo Website

Skolkovo Foundation is a Russian non-profit organization founded in 2010 and charged by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that creates new science and technology development center in the Moscow suburb of Skolkovo.

Solr, SiteCore

Tenderoff website

Tenderoff is the only tender search engine in Russia, which downloads and indexes the documents attached to the description of the tender - which allows customers to find such tender that they would missed by the using usual search. In addition to the powerful Tenderoff's search there are the following competitive advantage: the system of document turnover and the ability of team work with tenders.