nopCommerce Sync plugin

Import from XML(JSON, Excel, SQL or custom Data Source) to any existing nopCommerce data transfer object(DTO) and map fields!
Real-time export data from nopCommerce to any other application or data target including Microsoft Dynamics 365, 1C ERP, and etc.

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Picture of nopCommerce Sync plugin

01. About Import

What Does Sync Plugin Do?

NopCommerce. Sync. Create Mapping

Create a task

Importing XML(JSON, Excel, SQL or custom Data Source) to a nopCommerce table can be done in three easy steps. First, navigate to the DevCommerce => Sync => Sync - Manage Mapping and click “Add new” button.

nopCommerce. Sync. Select Data Source

Select Data Source

Next, select Data Source type and specify Data Source settings, nopCommerce entity and with what frequency it runs. Finally, click Save and specify mapping to the specific nopCommerce entity.

nopCommerce Sync plugin. Map Fields

Map Fields

Select and map import Data Source headers to any nopCommerce field, ensuring that the right information is quickly and accurately inserted in the right place. Sync plugin saves the column mapping rule and create import task .

Picture of nopCommerce Sync Shedule Tasks

Schedule task/Webservice

Create and schedule an import task to automatically import spreadsheets(Data Tables) into any nopCommerce tables using any valid XML(JSON, Excel, SQL or custom Data Source) stored on a local file system or remote URL.

nopCommerce Developers can be fully utilized to create complex data integrations or migrations from start to finish without the need for additional development resources.
NopCommerce. Sync. Create Mapping

02. Awesome features

Deliver value, not just the plugin


Detailed Error and Info Messages

Sync plugin provides detailed error messages when errors occur during the import operation. This helps you to quickly locate and review errors and troubleshoot importing problem.



Sync plugin logs not only information about tasks or events but also data changes. For example Prduct.Name changes(before and after values)

03. Export Data

Data Integration Made Easy

Integrate virtually any application or database system.
Some of our implemented user cases and solutions are listed below. Want other integration for your ERP? We will be happy to help you with your nopCommerce projects. You can contact us here


1C ERP Integration

Integrate your 1C ERP software with nopCommerce to automate your business processes.

Microsoft dynamics CRM/SL

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration Software

Learn about our specific CRM Integration solutions we did for Microsoft Dynamics 365 SL/CRMe and etc.

Frigat ERP

Frigat ERP Integration

Learn about our specific Integration solutions we did for Frigat ERP.


REST/Web Service Integration

Data integration solutions for integrating with any web service, includes REST/swagger(JSON/XML) endpoints.


Solr integration

Data integration solutions for integrating with NOSQL Solr endpoints with support for authorization.

Custom provider

Custom ERP/CRM

Develop(or Contact Us) your own custom adapter to use all benifits of this plugin.

04. High speed

due to improved write algorithm

Some speed tests (Azure DB - 50 DTU):

Currency import (3 items) 00:00:00.3564088
Customer import (10 items) 00:00:00.6746652
Discount import (475 items) 00:00:00.3396004
Order import (41 items) 00:00:00.2175621
Produc Price&Discounts import (11849 items) 00:01:18.6823044
Product & manufacture updad import (13016 items) 00:00:01.7042466

05. Features


This module provide multiple points of extensibility to allow fully customize sync process. Implemented components are listed below.

Data Source

Our Data Source components make it easy to upload data to nopCommerce from JSON, XML, etc.

  • Json
  • Xml
  • Sql
  • CSV Á Excel
  • Reg Exp
  • Composite

Data Target

Migrate data to your WebService(for example Solr) or any other application or data target.

  • REST/Web Service
  • JSON
  • XML
  • SQL
  • Solr
  • Etc


Conversion components nopCommerce developers can perform unique data conversions without a single line of code.

  • Download
  • Lookup
  • Picture
  • RegExp
  • TableLookup
  • Translite


A Sync solution is simple and very efficient with pipeline-based processing written in C#. It's easy to add pipeline steps to extract, use and alter information.

  • Entities
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Product
  • Manufactures
  • etc

06. Sync Presentation

Watch our presentation

How to install(video for version 1.3)

07. Support services

Answers to your questions

In Dev Partner we believe that support is a crucial aspect of any successful product. Therefore, we try our very best to offer the most excellent support, and we always try everything within our power to assist our valued customers.

Extensive documentation

How to Install, Configure and extend plugin.

Forum support

Read our frequently asked questions

Contact Us

Can't find your answer? Contact Us

08. Our benefits

Just try and use always

Codeless integration

No programming skills needed: Just create a new task, specify Data Source, nopCommmerce DTO and map your data fields - that's it!


Our software offers many open for modification sql server scripts designed features that help you achieve the best possible performance.

Save your money

With a streamlined development experience, and an extremely simple licensing model, our solution offers the best value for your investment.

Flexible and Easy-to-Extend

We make the most extendeble integration solution on the market. Our software offers intuitive developers interfaces that are easy to use.

09. Video

How to use

Part 1 | Part 2 (video for version 1.3)

10. FAQ

Have some problems?

We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and the nopCommerce community.

Creating a new plugin based on DevPartner Sync

Steps to install and configure nopCommerce Cloud Storage plugin for Azure.

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Creating DTO for import

Steps to install and configure nopCommerce Cloud Storage plugin for Azure.

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Steps to update nopCommerce Cloud plugin and nopCommerce CMS.

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Adding a new import scripts

How to Complete a Clean Uninstall of nopCommerce Cloud Storage Plugin.

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Data Source implementation

How to create your own custom provider for nopCommerce Cloud Storage plugin.

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Schedule tasks implementation

User acceptable tests for your Custom provider.

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Conversion implementation

User acceptable tests for your Custom provider.

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Release 2.7(from version 4.4) - 2021-05-28

We are excited to announce the release of nopCommerce Sync plugin 2.7 for nopCommerce 4.4.

Read more

Release 2.6(from version 4.3) - 2020-10-03

We are excited to announce the release of nopCommerce Sync plugin 2.6 for nopCommerce 4.3. This version contains: better innovative advancements, based on fluent migrator.

Read more

Release 2.5(from version 4.2) - 2020-08-07

This release provides a new way of bulk operation for exporting data and a lot of refactoring's.

Read more

Release 2.4(from version 4.2) - 2020-06-26

This release provides source examples of ERP connector, custom SQL import, custom Excel vendors files import and examples of using Picture conversion, Lookup and TableLookup conversions.

Read more

Release 2.3(from version 4.2) - 2020-04-27

Dev Partner is pleased to release a new version of nopCommerce Sync for nopCommerce 4.2.

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Release 2.2(from version 4.1) - 2019-11-13

This release provides innovative advancements in core architecture, based on .net Core, added EF support, a lot of refactoring.

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Release 2.1(from version 3.8) - 2019-05-23

This release provides response object support to get output merge data with updated/inserted/deleted entities and improvements for SyncLog.

Read more

Release 2.0(from version 3.8) - 2019-01-28

This release provides performance improvements and fixes.

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Release 1.9(from version 3.8) - 2018-12-26

This release provides IsDebug mode, performance improvements and fixes.

Read more

Release 1.8(from version 3.8) - 2018-12-05

This release provides a new Excel Data Source.

Read more

Release 1.7(from version 3.8) - 2018-12-03

This release provides WaterMark to picture conversion.

Read more

Release 1.6(from version 3.8) - 2018-09-18

This release provides performance ValidateSlugs feature for bulk imports.

Read more

Release 1.5(from version 3.8) - 2018-03-21

This release provides performance update for CMS

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Release 1.4(from version 3.8) - 2017-04-01

This release provides Sync Log feature and ability to specify scripts params.

Read more

Release 1.3(from version 3.8) - 2017-03-22

This release provides child tasks to create hierarchical imports and test methods to see output regex and xPath patterns.

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Release 1.2

We are happy to announce Sync plugin release 1.2 for nop 3.8

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How can I get a trial version?

We didn’t develop a test(trial) version for this and other plugins.

Will Sync plugin allow for import of images from a URL to a product? Also will it allow for Specification Attributes to be imported

Yes, our Sync plugin allow importing images from a URL to a product and Specification Attributes

Does Sync Plugin support importing CSV files?

Yes. Sync plugin supports import from CSV format.

If we import product images using the Sync Plugin will the resized still be generated?

Yes. Sync plugin supports import from CSV format.

Does your plugin can also work with the checkout attributes?

Yes, we set default Customers att in Customer import script, and it can be modified according to customer's needs.

Does your plugin can work with the Customer additional attributes?

Yes, we set default Customers att in Customer import script, and it can be modified according to customer's needs.

Do you have developed procedures for import inventory (quantity) per warehouse?

Open - ~/Plugins/DevPartner.Sync/pluginsettings.json and find Import StockQuantity task

Do you have product attributes import ?

Open - ~/Plugins/DevPartner.Sync/pluginsettings.json and find product_attributes availability - "DataSource": "ProductAttribute" - "XmlFilePath": "~/Sync/Inc/product_attributes.xml"

Do you have specification attributes import?

Open - ~/Plugins/DevPartner.Sync/pluginsettings.json and find Import product specification attributes - "DataSource": "ProductSpecificationAttribute" - "XmlFilePath": "~/Sync/Inc/product_propertys.xml"

It would be great if we can import inventory and prices in standalone task, that we can repeat.

Open - ~/Plugins/DevPartner.Sync/pluginsettings.json and find Import product_price import - "DataSource": "ProductSpecificationAttribute" - "XmlFilePath": "~/Sync/Full/pictures.xml" Please open /Admin/ScheduleTask/List, enable "DevPartner Sync: Sync schedule task" to repeat import tasks