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  • nopCommerce Sync plugin release 1.2

nopCommerce Sync plugin release 1.2

  • 4:00:00 PM
  • Thursday, January 19, 2017

A new version of Sync plugins was released!

Highlight features and changes
Integration with CMS plugin. Added ability to import CMS entity.
Integration with Search plugin. Added ability to re-index imported entities.
Added about 20 DTOs to import different nopCommerce entities. It cover such scenarios like price, stock, product, product atts, spec. atts, category, manufacture, currency, order and so on import.
Added/optimized about 32 sql scripts. All scripts are open for modification
Added additional RegEx DataSource to analyze texts with regexp
Added child tasks to import a lot of DTO from one DataSource(file).
Added Test methods to see output regex and xPath patterns.
Added ability to export orders/customers to any custom ERP system. We did integration with 1C ERP and Freedom ERP by using this feature
Added 8 new conversions:
Download convertion allows to upload files
Lookup convertion is a mapping conversion
Picture convertion allows to upload pictures
Reference convertion can be use during site migration to replace links in text by specifying product, manufacture, category or CMS links patterns with nopCommerce URLs
RegEx convertion
Translite convertion allows to convert some input text to translite
and so on...